Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling good!

I'm almost three weeks post-op and I feel great, other than being a little tired.

I worked out for the first time in about a year over the weekend and spent about 25 minutes on the treadmill. I know my cardio can't do much yet, so I'm truly taking baby steps to get to where I need to be.

I'm still pretty amazed at the difference in how I feel after this surgery compared to the last two. Even for as tired as I feel most days, it doesn't come close to matching the exhaustion I felt during those recovery periods.

I'll eventually start increasing my workouts, but until then, I'm content with walking and making changes here and there in my diet.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goodbye, Planet Fatass

Joined the gym today. I'm buying new cross trainers this week.

Baby steps, but I *will* get there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day of Reckoning

I knew today would come eventually.

 I've been overweight most of my life and spent most of my life eating poorly. 

 While I haven't been diagnosed with diabetes, I have no doubts that I'm three months away from it. That's when my doctor wants to see me again. She noticed my fasting blood sugar on last Friday's labs was really high. She said it's a possibility that because of everything else going on with my health that it's a fluke and, though she didn't say it out loud, she's giving me three months to get my shit together. 

 I need to lose weight. Eat better. Exercise more. 

I know what I'm capable of doing and testing my own blood sugars, not to mention inject myself with insulin doesn't fall into that category. I. Can't. Do. It. That means I've got one option here and that's to stop doing what I'm doing and get my head out of my ass. 

 I refuse to spend the rest of my life on medication for something I know I can do. I've done it before. I dropped 40lbs in 2009 by exercising and eating better. Time for me to get back in gear and do what I need to do. 

Hubby isn't far off from a similar diagnosis himself, so the changes will be family-wide. Since the weather has been nicer than normal (and hopefully will stay that way), I plan on borrowing a bicycle and making use of the great trails we have around here. I will also be joining the gym this month. It also means cutting back on soda and continuing with not drinking sweet tea (it's been a week now since I last had sweet tea). 

Nothing profound has been discovered and I don't expect this post to surprise anyone, but I wanted to keep you in the loop. 

In surgical news, I'm doing fantastic. I've got very little pain, vaginal bleeding has almost stopped entirely and other than being tired a lot, I feel really good. This surgery has been so much different than the last two. I'm hoping that this has fixed the problem and I can finally move forward from here. Thanks again for your prayers, thoughts and encouragement. I appreciate it.