Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's working! It's working!

So for the last few months, I've been lamenting the fact that the scale has virtually stood still, so a few weeks ago I went to my doctor who did a basal metabolic scan. This scan is done electronically and is as simple as a couple of sticky pads hooked up to some wires. It takes less than 30 seconds. Easy peasy.

Today was the first doctor visit I've had since the scan last month. I was thrilled with the results and so was he. My last scan was done in January 2008.

Since the last scan, I have:

  • Lost 11lbs of body fat
  • Gained 2lbs of lean muscle tissue
  • Gained ~ 3liters of total body water
  • Gained 6lbs of support structure
My BMI has gone from 44.6 to 43.43 and my basal metabolic rate has increased from 1549 to 1609.

I know that these numbers may not make much sense to you. If you'd like an explanation, read further. If not, suffice it to say that all of these numbers have moved in the right direction and all of my work has paid off this last year. I'm SO happy with these numbers!!!

Further explanation:

Body Fat: This is pure body fat that I have shed since the last scan. On the Jan 08 scan, I had 145.2 lbs of body fat. This scan, I have 134.3lbs.

Lean Muscle Tissue: This is pure muscle that I have gained since my last scan. On the Jan 08 scan, I had 54.6 lbs of lean muscle mass. This scan, I have 56.6

Total Body Water: This is how much water is in my body. The higher the number, the better hydrated I am. Contrary to what it may seem, this is NOT indicative of bad water retention.  Last scan, I had 42.5L. This scan I had 45.3L

Support Structure: This consists of the parts of the body used for structure - bones, ligaments, tendons, etc. My last scan, I had 56.0lbs of support structure. This scan, I have 62.1lbs.

BMI: Body Mass Index - a statistical measure of weight/height to determine a healthy level of fat. While I am still considered "obese" the numbers are going down. Last scan: 44.6. This scan, 43.3.

Basal Metabolic Rate: the number of calories your body burns while resting in order to maintain normal body functions. Meaning, if all I do is breathe that day, I can take in ___ calories and maintain my weight. Last scan, my BMR was 1549. This scan is 1609.

Again, while in and of themselves, the numbers from this scan are not great, when compared to the last scan, there's significant progress being made. I have to keep these numbers in mind when I get discouraged that the scale isn't going up or down or that my pants are getting looser fast enough.

I'm very encouraged by this progress. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Basketcase, party of one, your table is ready

So this week has pretty much been hell: PCLD (Post-Concert Let Down for those out there unfamiliar with the term), Celtics loss, financial stress and knowing that I'm not in New York City this weekend for the be-all-end-all of concerts as my boys play Radio City Music Hall for the first time.

As we've established, I'm an emo-eater. Stress? Eat. Sickness? Eat. Depressed? Eat. Happy? Eat. Angry? Eat.

Do you see a pattern here?

Combine my emo-eating with travel & laziness and you've got the recipe for a weight gain. This could truly end badly and that scares me.


So back on the wagon I go. I've been neglecting this blog (and subsequently you, my readers) far too long. Hold me accountable, dammit!!!

On a side note, when I stopped weighing myself (because the fucking scale hadn't moved more than 5 spots up or down in over three months), I got on the other day and dropped 11lbs or some such shit. I'm at 239. Go me!!