Monday, January 4, 2010

All this talk of detoxing... has me curious.

My doctor has tried to convince me to do one of these for months and I've fought him on it.


Like, really hard.

Let's face it, I love food. All kinds. The stuff that's good for me, the stuff that's bad for me, the stuff that's REALLY bad for me. Now obviously, I know what needs to be given up in order to live a more healthy lifestyle and for the most part, I've done that. I cheat now and then, but generally speaking, I do pretty well considering my addiction to food.

What I'm not sure I'm ready to give up, though is red meat or poultry, which is what many of these detox programs call for. I've never been fond of beans, which is where a lot of the needed protein comes from during detox. I'll eat them, but usually only after they've been slathered in butter (a detox no-no) or soaked in some sort of animal broth (another detox no-no). What's a foodie to do?!

I haven't decided if I will partake in this cleanse thing, but if I do, I will tell you now, you will be given PLENTY of warning so you can unfollow/ignore/etc me when my bitch switch gets thrown. I'm bad enough eating what I want. Imagine me being denied something I crave.

Yup. It's like that.

So, until I decide that my personality just isn't shitty enough, I'm going to just stick with a stricter diet and increase my water intake. I'm also cutting back (not eliminating entirely) my caffeine intake by removing soda from my diet (which is something I managed to do successfully last summer and then fell off the wagon, recently) and minimizing tea and coffee. "Stricter diet" means cutting back on fried foods, sugars and high-carbed items. Pretty much the same thing I did last summer. That I know I can do.

In the meantime, for those of you daring enough to try it, here are a few of the links I was sent this morning for detox:

Good luck and pass your red meat this way, please.