Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello there, readers!

I feel like I should re-introduce myself since I haven't been here in so long. What an autumn it's been! I started working full-time in August and the gym time fell to the wayside. Thankfully for me, even though I've been eating junk and not working out, I am on my feet and constantly lifting and moving merchandise, so my metabolism hasn't slowed down at all. I'm still sitting between 240-245lbs, so while it's not great, it's also not as bad as it could be or as bad as it once was.

I'm hoping to get through the holidays unscathed and get back into the gym after the first of the year. I actually miss working out and the high it brings me. I also miss the tanning bed, I can't lie.

In the meantime, I've coined the phrase "Project Pudge," the name I've given to my non-diet I'm on until I get back on course. I'm eating what I love (sometimes too much of it) and just living. I'm not restraining myself or giving up anything. Wise? Most definitely not because now it will be harder once I do get back to the gym, but right now, with the stress levels I'm at, I'm doing what I want to do. (Remind me I said this when the treadmill kicks my ass in January, k?)

I'm still working 40-50 hour weeks and trying to get this book of mine ready for agent queries, so I may not be blogging much (yeah, because the last six months wasn't an indicator? lol), but I will be back and I will be back with avengeance. No worries!

Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and do as I say, not as I do. ;)